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All of the negative comments for GreatBookPrices appear below:

negative comment by Brittany C on Jan 24, 2020

I ordered this book Jan 8! Its now Jan 24th and it's still not here!It said it was shipped Jan 9th out of IL, then it was in PA, then NY. I LIVE IN OHIO!it takes over 2 weeks to ship one book? I paid nearly $200 for this book and I still don't have it!

negative comment by Daniel G on Jan 18, 2020

this book was never shipped and the seller continued to tell me it was on its way. i asked for a tracking number and never received anything other than an email saying i am a ?valued customer?. ridiculous.

negative comment by Cathy M on Jan 15, 2020

I ordered this on the 1st. It is now the 15th, no book, I am NOT happy.

negative comment by Toni C on Jan 13, 2020

This seller stated the book was shipped 12/25/19 and today is 1/13/20. I still have not received this book. I want this order cancelled & a refund issued.

negative comment by yeg1 on Jan 9, 2020

YOU SENT ME THE WRONG BOOK! Order #: 65972389-2 was for the book The German Sniper by Peter R. Senich. Instead, you sent me a tiny pamphlet/book: Technique of Safe and Valult Manipulation, which I didn't order.

negative comment by Mike H on Jan 8, 2020

tried to cancel the order 5 min. after I completed, and item was shipped anyway, not paying attention.

negative comment by Alexander on Jan 6, 2020

I didn't received one item. They use very cheap carriers to transport the packages.

negative comment by Jesse G on Jan 4, 2020

Never received item.

negative comment by Jon L K on Jan 2, 2020

seller never provide tracking number !

negative comment by Ronald M on Dec 28, 2019

If you own a bookstore and you ship books to customers, USE THE US POSTAL SERVICE **DIRECTLY**! Don't hand your package off to a third party to drive it over to the customer's post office!!

negative comment by glenn m on Dec 20, 2019

The Other Einstein was not received along with the other 2 items from the same seller. If not received by 12/24 I will either be expecting a refund including postage. If it arrives after Then I will b returning it expecting the same!

negative comment by Kathryn M on Dec 20, 2019

Book was not new--or at least by the time it arrived it was damaged enough so that I could not tell. It was improperly packaged and the packaging ripped during delivery. It arrived days after the package tracker said it arrived. Seller not reponsive.

negative comment by Kirsten S on Dec 19, 2019

Scam. Do not use. Books will not arrive and they have trash service when asked to help.

negative comment by Patrick G on Dec 18, 2019

A refund 16 days after ordering suggests either very poor inventory control or bait and switch. What happened?

negative comment by Robert S on Dec 3, 2019

Headline and price said hardcover-- a paperback was sent. So I looked closer @ fine print on site-- it says BOTH. I want a hardcover. So now I must pay for return shipping to correct their ineptitude? And I got charged a hardcover price? NEGATIVE

negative comment by dennis w on Nov 29, 2019

i never recieved this book

negative comment by RICHARD S on Nov 28, 2019

The books took FOREVER to arrive. Customer service denied a request for cancelling the order, even though the books had clearly not yet been sent out. We ordered from another bookseller and the books arrived well before the original order.

negative comment by K S N on Nov 24, 2019

HELP. please -- I have not received this book, and my bookclub meets December 9th.

negative comment by Matthew M on Oct 28, 2019

Ordered 3 new copies on Oct 10th. It was shipped on Oct 11th but it never entered the USPS tracking system. Expected delivery was Oct 17th-25th. Day 18 nothing and canned response saying it would arrive 2-14 days after order!

negative comment by Samuel on Oct 19, 2019

This book was ordered October 8th and it now The 19th. The tracking information has been stalled 3 days, ?awaiting the item from a shipping partner facility.? Extremely dissatisfied. Will never buy From this seller again.

negative comment by Dina E on Oct 3, 2019

Dishonest seller, shipped book long after they say they did. Very slow shipping.

negative comment by Nicolette S on Sep 27, 2019

Every point of this transaction has been long and difficult. Please process my return and refund.

negative comment by Glenda G on Sep 20, 2019

I ordered this book 10 days ago and it was supposed to be here yesterday. Tracking said it just left the facility today!! That means I won?t get it until next week! Unacceptable.

negative comment by wayne w on Sep 19, 2019

I have not received the book as of 9-19-19

negative comment by Diane M on Sep 16, 2019

No item received, no tracking number

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