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negative comment by Rachel B on Jan 22, 2020

I never received the book. It should have arrived by the 15th. On the 16th I asked the seller for a tracking number. They just said it should arrive soon and did not provide a tracking number. So I asked for a refund or to reship it and they did not.

negative comment by Gabriella G on Jan 19, 2020

Never received my book in time for class. It was impossible to get a response regarding a tracking number 2 weeks after ordering my book. Took my business elsewhere. Very dissatisfied.

negative comment by Kevin J W on Jan 16, 2020

Book never delivered after almost a month after purchase... I have only received Automated responses to my multiple emails asking for updates. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS CROOK!!

negative comment by Anirban R on Jan 14, 2020

No shipment tracking was provided even after contacting several times over 1 week. Just keep receiving automated replies that it should be available soon, but it never came so far.

negative comment by Gina G on Jan 13, 2020

Never got a tracking number and book never arrived. I have serious doubts that it was ever even shipped in the first place. Seller appears to be fraudulent and I would recommend NOT buying from them unless you like to be disappointed. :(

negative comment by Thomas W on Jan 10, 2020

The item did not arrive. Please issue a refund.

negative comment by May H on Jan 7, 2020

It is January 7 and I still haven?t received my book. It was to be a Christmas gift.

negative comment by Ricardo on Jan 4, 2020

I never received the book I ordered from this seller. After numerous requests for tracking or a refund, I still have not been accommodated after nearly a month!

negative comment by George on Jan 2, 2020

The seller has claimed to have shipped this book twice, and it has not arrived. This seller appears to be fraudulent and I would not order anything from them.

neutral comment by WR on Jan 1, 2020

I'm pretty disappointed that I received a very dirty book that has a rip in the cover. That's not VG quality.

negative comment by Normand R on Dec 31, 2019

Unreliable/questionable seller. Purchased rare non-abridged version 1999 year publication of book as described on post. Seller sent an available anywhere abridged 2007 edition. Contacted seller many times but still no response after more than 2 weeks

negative comment by Leslie P on Dec 30, 2019

I ordered from this company and have never received my order or a tracking number which I requested 3 times And the amount was charged to my credit card Terrible customer service I will never order from this company again

positive comment by [email protected] on Dec 30, 2019

all good

positive comment by Yvonne D on Dec 29, 2019

This kit is very user-friendly and extremely worthwhile for empowering the user to use it with self and child. It is much more encouraging that combing through large heavy books and easy to transport for busy mothers toting their little ones around.

negative comment by P on Dec 29, 2019

Two orders, two books, no tracking, after several weeks and contacting them I was told that "I followed up with your tracking number, but the information came back as invalid..We believe this to mean that your order has gotten lost in the mail"!

negative comment by MICHELE J on Dec 26, 2019

The audiobook was a Christmas gift- it arrived after Christmas all beat up - it was suppose to be new- the box is ripped and smashed and the CD's were out of order- that does not seem like it could be NEW. So disappointed.

negative comment by Rose L on Dec 23, 2019

Disappointed. Ordered book, told it shipped 12/10/19. No tracking number given, book has not been received. Is this a legitimate company? If not received shortly, I will be contacting AOL as well as giving Alibris a poor reference as well.

negative comment by Brenda M on Dec 23, 2019

Very hard to work with They lost my item in the mail, an provided no shipping info or tracking number. They do not answer messages and if they do they are no help. Alibris was helpful in refunding. The book was an expensive book over $100.

negative comment by Andrew B on Dec 21, 2019

The shipment never arrived. No contact of any kind from the shipper. After three weeks, I contacted Alibris, who handled the refund in a very professional way.

negative comment by preston t on Dec 20, 2019

This item has no arrived, as of December 20.

negative comment by Thomas W on Dec 19, 2019

Did not receive the book, Seller did not refund.

negative comment by Thomas W on Dec 19, 2019

Did not receive the book, Seller did not refund.

positive comment by Michael D K on Dec 17, 2019

Smooth and swift transaction.

negative comment by Sara F on Dec 16, 2019

Lacking communication as to the status of my order. Waited weeks with no updates, only when contacted directly.

negative comment by Kim M on Dec 15, 2019

No warning on the website how long it takes to get your item. Still waiting to get it and no one responds to an e-mail. The phone number is a recording telling you they only except e-mails. They have my money and no item. Do not use this seller!

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