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positive comment by John on Nov 30, 2020

Very smooth transaction.. John Comolli

positive comment by Patrick L on Nov 27, 2020

Arrived quickly and was in perfect condition.

positive comment by Geoffrey U on Nov 25, 2020

For a 'new' book, I am a little confused because of the apparent defects on the book binding, and the black margins on two sides of the (top & bottom) of the dust cover. Otherwise the book is in very good condition. Chris

positive comment by WILLIAM L on Nov 25, 2020

Looking for similar books on the topic, and from various authors, hoping that they are available. Thanks for your service.

negative comment by William on Nov 16, 2020

Seller alleged to have shipped this book, but I never received it. Seller failed to acknowledge several email's to them, and a request for a tracking # and courier. Unscrupulous/suspect seller.

positive comment by Justin R on Nov 14, 2020

The book did not arrive within the initial shipping timeframe. I wasn't given a clear answer as to why, but certainly these are uncertain times. Nicole made it happen though. I now have my book, and it is in new condition as promised. Thank you! :)

negative comment by Timothy on Nov 9, 2020

I did not receive the book and am very disappointed. It's been nearly three weeks and other books I ordered at the same time arrived a week ago.

negative comment by Duane on Oct 29, 2020

The seller stated the item as shipped, but never provided a tracking number for a $230 book. When I wrote them requesting a tracking number they never replied. I can only assume they never even shipped it. Luckily Alibris stepped in and provided a refund.

negative comment by Kendra W on Oct 23, 2020

I never received the book. After the first month, I contacted them and they offered to reship. After waiting another 3 weeks I contacted them for an update and they are ignoring me. Terrible customer service.

negative comment by SHAWN S on Oct 22, 2020

Worst bookseller in the history of booksellers. Ordered book, no tracking number, didn't arrive. They said they'd reship. That one didn't arrive. I don't know why Alibris allows these clowns to keep selling on their site.

positive comment by Suzanne Z on Oct 6, 2020

As described; received promptly.

positive comment by Suzanne Z on Oct 6, 2020

As described; received promptly.

negative comment by Shobhit B on Oct 4, 2020

The book has not arrived, no tracking no. provided.

negative comment by C on Oct 2, 2020

My order was refunded without my request. There was no advance communication prior to More Books notifying me that they refunded my order. I had been asking them to provide a tracking number for weeks, yet More Books did not provide that information.

negative comment by [email protected] on Oct 1, 2020

I was under the presumption that the book would be coming as new and waited about 1 week for a response and then learned they hadn't shipped it out yet because they had no new copies but had a very excellent used copy overall they handled it very well.

positive comment by PHILIP on Sep 26, 2020

Book arrived today double sealed which is a nice touch. New condition unharmed. Quick shipment. Very pleased with purchase.

positive comment by mariceli on Sep 20, 2020

Great seller! Book is in exact condition described.

negative comment by Ricky F on Sep 20, 2020

Today is 9/20/2020. My book order was shipped on 9/14/2020 and I still haven't received it. I don't see how it was shipped (via) or a tracking number. As it stands now, I won't be ordering again from your company.

positive comment by paula g on Sep 20, 2020

Even though I did not get my book ("lost in the mail") , I got a full refund quickly and with no issues. I dealt with a Nicole.

positive comment by PHILIP on Sep 19, 2020

Received book today packaged in a light media bag but unharmed. Quick service, new book, no problems. Very pleased with purchase.

negative comment by C on Sep 17, 2020

Seller had misrepresented the book as "New" and later informed the book is Used.

negative comment by Matthew J on Sep 16, 2020

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! The book took has still not arrived, and it has been WEEKS since I placed the order. No tracking system -WHO DOESN?T HAVE TRACKING THESE DAYS? Customer service is terrible.

negative comment by Juan M on Sep 16, 2020

Order took 2 weeks from Miami to Largo. The book was used and listed as new; had taped pages and smelled glued. It was my daughter?s Birthday present. Very hard not to use inappropriate words to describe the situation.

negative comment by H. R on Sep 16, 2020

order not received

positive comment by Marzena B on Sep 14, 2020

Book arrived brand new, within the expected timeline, & correct ISBN. I couldn't get this book anywhere else in a new condition. It comes in many editions. I looked for it for 3 months as it was a high school textbook. I'm so happy I found this seller!

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