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negative comment by jeffrey p on Mar 23, 2019

I never received my book, it was shipped March 4, 2019... I really want this book and would give good rating if I get it soon...

negative comment by Terry G on Mar 22, 2019

I have not received this book

negative comment by Mary R on Mar 19, 2019

Never received item! Pending a refund.

positive comment by ThomF on Mar 18, 2019

Quick Service..well-packed

negative comment by [email protected] on Mar 15, 2019

I have yet to receive the book and have not received a response to my request as to why I haven't received it.

positive comment by ThomF on Mar 13, 2019

Quick Service..well-packed

neutral comment by Lenn E H on Mar 13, 2019

I have not received this book. pls contact me 602-826-3353 MST

negative comment by Scott H on Mar 9, 2019

Never received the book. Offered refund but did not receive my money back. Many emails no response. I would NOT order from this seller. Many wonderful options to buy from. Not this site.

positive comment by Michael D K on Mar 7, 2019

Smooth and swift transaction.

positive comment by Michael D K on Mar 7, 2019

Smooth and swift transaction. Book very well protected. TERRIFIC seller!

negative comment by Adam C on Mar 7, 2019

This package never arrived. I tried to communicate 3 times over a months time in order to get a tracking number and never received a response. Alibris had to resolve the issue with a refund.

negative comment by Susan S on Mar 6, 2019

I did not receive the book, I notified the seller who offered a new book or refund. I chose to get the book by March 5th Or if not possible then requested a refund. I have not received either. The cost was more than $25.

negative comment by Joseph on Mar 5, 2019

Me too. I ordered a book that supposedly was shipped on February 18. I should have got it by the end of that week. It never arrived. I've disputed the credit card charge and will get a refund. Alibris, you've lost my business.

negative comment by Raven Book Store on Mar 4, 2019

Book's never arrive and they consistently have the "New" listings for rare/expensive books, but this seems false and fraudulent. DO NOT BUY from this seller.

negative comment by Daniel M on Mar 2, 2019

No product was received whatsoever

negative comment by Prashant S on Mar 1, 2019

we have not received this book is almost 15 days over from expected date.please do the needful.

negative comment by Christopher G on Mar 1, 2019

I was notified on February 13 the item had shipped, but the tracking info when the item arrived showed it was not shipped until February 26. Edition sent was an international edition only authorized for sale in Taiwan, but it wasn't advertised this way.

negative comment by Shawn W on Mar 1, 2019


neutral comment by Joan Wucher K on Feb 28, 2019

My book has not arrived, 9 days after posting. Can you please help me sort this out. It is intended as a graduation present for my son, whose father was the author of the book.

positive comment by Patrick R on Feb 27, 2019

Item lost in the mail. No problems with refund

positive comment by Patrick R on Feb 27, 2019

Item was lost in the mail. No problem refund

negative comment by Madeline S on Feb 25, 2019

I received the wrong book, and More Books has not responded to my inquiries about how to return/exchange this book for the correct one. The book was shipped within the estimated time, but I customer service has not responded in the past 10 days.

negative comment by Michele B on Feb 25, 2019

I have never received this book. I had asked for it to be sent a second time in January and I still don't have it in February. I have now asked for a refund. I have asked twice now.

negative comment by shorai m on Feb 25, 2019

this is the worst website to buy anything, liars, they didn't ship my package in time, 3 weeks late I wanted to use it at school, I had to buy another one from somewhere & it came on time...

negative comment by Maurice P on Feb 24, 2019

I was sold the Bible for about $ 193.00 but then was not delivered. Then when i went to repurchase it, the cost went to $ 293.00 Not rite!

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