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negative comment by Michelle K on Nov 7, 2019

This item took over 2 months to arrive! When I ordered the item, it said it would take around 2 weeks. Contact with the seller was hit or miss. They were extremely vague as the when the item would arrive. I needed it for a class that is now almost over :(

positive comment by ARTHUR R on Nov 6, 2019

quick and clean -- thank you so much

negative comment by Raymond P H on Oct 29, 2019

never sent any tracking information despite repeated requests, book never arrived, finally got refund through alibris

positive comment by Michael D K on Oct 25, 2019

Smooth and swift transacton.

positive comment by louise m on Oct 23, 2019


negative comment by Old Lib Shop on Oct 19, 2019

This expensive book never arrived. Seller did not have tracking information on the package. Had to get in touch with Alibris to get refunded.

positive comment by Roland A on Oct 17, 2019

book never arrived but alibris issues a refund no problem

negative comment by Dorothy S on Oct 16, 2019

This item never arrived. It is Oct. 16 now and was expected to arrive no later than Oct. 5.

negative comment by Michael S on Oct 12, 2019

They claimed this item was shipped on August Twelfth and it still has not arrived and now they refuse to reply to emails about refunding my order.

negative comment by Cynthia S on Oct 11, 2019

I have still not received my book despite waiting for 6 weeks. I do not want this book anymore. I want a refund!!!!!!

negative comment by reuben r on Oct 9, 2019

Book has never arrived.seller reports their tracking number invalid. They have ordered another copy from their source. No word or update.

positive comment by Kenneth R on Oct 8, 2019

Great seller. Fast shipping Item better than described. AAA+

negative comment by andrew b on Oct 4, 2019

Don't buy from this seller.I ordered from them and they said my order shipped. Come to find out they never sent the book and didn't have it either almost a month later.

positive comment by cody t on Oct 3, 2019

Due to an inventory mistake, the book ended up not being available, but there was good communication and my money was promptly refunded.

negative comment by Montie P on Oct 2, 2019

I ordered a hardcover. Weeks later, I received a paperback. I have been attempting to contact the seller for a month; but I have received neither the right book nor a refund. Worst seller experience EVER.

negative comment by Sathyaganesan S on Oct 2, 2019

The book never arrived!

negative comment by Anna on Sep 29, 2019

If you expect a tracking number for your order, DO NOT BUY from this seller. Book never arrived, and continued to be listed as "for sale" on website at a *much* higher price.

negative comment by Brice T on Sep 26, 2019

I purchased a book listed as 'Very Good' condition. When I received the book I found it was water damaged (i.e., not 'Very Good' condition). The seller would not take responsibility for listing the item incorrectly. Poor customer service.

negative comment by Stephanie P on Sep 25, 2019

This seller notified me that they shipped this book the day after I ordered it but did NOT ship the book because they don't have it! Instead of notifying me like an honest company, they waited until I contacted THEM to tell me. Still waiting on refund!

positive comment by Robert G on Sep 25, 2019

Excellent thanks.

negative comment by michael j on Sep 25, 2019

I ordered a book on Sept 5. It is now Sept. 25 and I still have no book. At first customer service responded to me, after 17 days they now completely ignore my emails. No response. How is this not consumer fraud?

negative comment by Nicole U on Sep 24, 2019

I ordered a textbook in late August, it is almost October and I still have not received my order. I paid $500 for a textbook and it?s ridiculous that it?s taking this long to ship.

negative comment by Lynn D on Sep 24, 2019

The book was described as in "Very Good" condition, which was totally false. The binding was held together with scotch tape and mildew permeated throughout the book. Based on this experience, I rate the seller as well below average.

negative comment by Alison W on Sep 19, 2019

I ordered a ?new? copy of Dante?s Inferno translated by Hollander and I received a banged up copy of Dante?s Inferno translated by Anthony Esolen. Normally, it wouldn?t matter what edition I ended up getting, but this time I needed that specific version.

positive comment by John W on Sep 19, 2019

Super Honest Seller. Makes every effort to satisfy the customer. Highly Recommended

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