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positive comment by Mark S on Mar 2, 2021

Perfect in every way.

neutral comment by Julie D on Feb 27, 2021

Its 2/27 and was supposed to arrive by yesterday at the latest according to my order #. I dont appreciate this as it was for a book club that brings on 3/1!

positive comment by Victoria on Feb 27, 2021

Excellent customer service! Amazing inexpensive fee for a book that is in pristine condition. Delay in arrival was NOT due to the seller but USPS. Very pleased with the packaging with double protection against moisture and damage. Will shop again.

positive comment by Terry B on Feb 26, 2021

Excellent service, excellent product, would not hesitate to use this seller again

neutral comment by Marian W on Feb 25, 2021

I ordered three books all on the same day. All three were "shipped" on the same day. Two books came in the time allotted. I am still waiting for this book.

negative comment by johnathan m on Feb 21, 2021

Never got my book that I ordered

neutral comment by John M on Feb 19, 2021

After placing an order for a $200 book I requested the tracking # and was given the runaround for two weeks, finally was told that "we discovered the package was probably sent to the wrong address." They did immediately give me a full refund, however.

positive comment by Toolmaster on Feb 15, 2021

item as described

negative comment by Megan S on Feb 10, 2021

Book is well past estimated delivery date. Seller will not provide tracking info. Hopefully i can get my money back.

positive comment by Nathan V on Feb 8, 2021


positive comment by Samuel I on Feb 2, 2021

Perfect sale all the way!

negative comment by DEREK M on Feb 1, 2021

Unprofessional and non transparent in communication related to tracking the package. Avoid.

neutral comment by maribel c on Jan 31, 2021

I am still waiting for my order, was it shipped?

positive comment by Elaine M W on Jan 30, 2021

This book arrived in perfect condition! It was shipped in cardboard, as opposed to some of the other sellers who ship in an envelope. I will definitely buy from this seller again. Thank You!

negative comment by Marcela A on Jan 26, 2021

I was supposed to receive this book on Jan 18th (when I needed it for the 20th), one week later, never received this book. The seller (who was responsive) said it was shipped but didn't have a tracking number or had any idea of where the book was.

positive comment by Mark A on Jan 25, 2021

book arrived timely, as described if not better, trustworthy seller

negative comment by Rukesh K on Jan 21, 2021

I ordered a book from this seller (More Books), was charged and told that the item shipped. I never got a tracking number and the book never appeared. My emails got cursory answers, and they made no real effort to resolve the problem. Don't use them.

negative comment by Sarah J on Jan 15, 2021

WARNING: They do not actually send books. Buy from another seller.

negative comment by Jer-Chuan L on Jan 13, 2021

I tried to wait patiently for this order, but I still haven't received it.

positive comment by CLAUDE P on Jan 12, 2021


negative comment by delphine g on Jan 11, 2021

i al still waiting for my order after almost 2 months since the day i ordered it. i did not get the books and no one is sending me updates so far! i never had such a poor experience wich is a pity for such a profesionnal vendor

negative comment by Pete M on Jan 11, 2021

Order not received as of Jan 11, 2021. Request assistance.

negative comment by Robbin S on Jan 6, 2021

I did not receive the two books of the same title, "Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know." I am requesting a refund. Thanks.

negative comment by RM V on Dec 30, 2020

Wish I had read the company's reviews before purchasing. When I contacted, they have so far mishandled even that. Asked for a tracking#, received it after 3 emails. Why?? I have pdfs I wish I could detail here, but I'll update when it's resolved.

negative comment by Christopher W on Dec 29, 2020

Never received book. They say it shipped but I doubt it. refused to give me tracking and courier info. Blew me off. judging by theiur reviews this is a normal thing. Hope these people rot in H***.

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