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neutral comment by Bruiser on Dec 14, 2020

The item never arrived. A tracking number was not provided. Alibris gave a full refund.

neutral comment by John on Dec 7, 2020

Arrived four days late although otherwise the book was in good shape, approaching new. Three stars only. John Comolli, Esq.

neutral comment by Chaz G on Aug 29, 2020

Has not arrived and ordered about 2 weeks ago

neutral comment by Jon L on Jul 29, 2020

Where is my refund???? Jon Lyons 8729 Arbor lake Dr. #1311 Indianapolis, in. 46268 [email protected]

neutral comment by Frank D on Jul 6, 2020

Ordered the book a month ago, only just notified of out of stock. Not what I expected regarding customer service. They ve made no contact for nearly 30 days until I did. Just not a good experience overall and really poor communication.

neutral comment by Teresa on Jul 1, 2020

It is July 1, and I have not received my book. I'm very disappointed and missed my Book Club window.

neutral comment by Gayle on Jun 21, 2020

This was a new book with dust jacket, that arrived in a torn mailer that had no cushioning. Book had minor edge damage, due to no cushioning. Would be reluctant to purchase from this seller again.

neutral comment by KEVIN M V on Apr 14, 2020

to date i have received this item kevin

neutral comment by AssHat on Mar 14, 2020

Order placed Feb 25th, did not arrive until March 14th.

neutral comment by STEFAN T on Mar 13, 2020

It is showing that my book shipped on Feb 10, but it has been over one month and I have not received it. I am getting concerned and wondering if you have a tracking number or any other information? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Stefan

neutral comment by Joseph H on Feb 28, 2020

The only two issues I have are that the book was inaccurately described and customer service appears to be non existent. Sent an e-mail 8 days ago and another 2 days ago and still no response.

neutral comment by Dana E on Feb 6, 2020

Book never arrived. Unsure if even sent as there is not tracking # on line or sent when requested.

neutral comment by WR on Jan 1, 2020

I'm pretty disappointed that I received a very dirty book that has a rip in the cover. That's not VG quality.

neutral comment by Ramola D on Nov 16, 2019

Hi -- I still have not received this book, which was shipped on Oct 25--it is Nov 16 today--can you please look into this, thanks.

neutral comment by Jorge R on Nov 14, 2019

la orden 65628375-1 , no se ha recibido el libro, tampoco me han notificado. de acuerdo al seguimiento debio llegar el 27 de Octubre de 2019

neutral comment by [email protected] on Nov 7, 2019

- book hasn't arrived yet. - should I wait some more?

neutral comment by gareth on Jul 20, 2019

This item not received tho shipped 4 months ago?? Can shipping details be reconfirmed please?

neutral comment by Michel F on Jul 3, 2019

I have not yet received this Frozen coloring book.

neutral comment by David S on Jun 29, 2019

Looking for Volume 2: N - Z. Any ship date yet?

neutral comment by Ni? v on Jun 24, 2019

I have not received the book as yet by 24 June 2019 can you pleae provide an new ETA?

neutral comment by Catiz on Jun 7, 2019

On May 8, I ordered this book and I am still waiting for it. Today is June 7 without receiving the book.

neutral comment by Mike W on Jun 7, 2019

No comment.

neutral comment by Kris H on Apr 29, 2019

While book was well packed and as described, the book wasn't shipped until 4.25 - two weeks after the the item was marked shipped by the seller. So...good product, just don't expect it fast.

neutral comment by Roland A on Apr 18, 2019

Waited for two months for book to arrive, which it never did.

neutral comment by Shaun M on Apr 1, 2019

The book was not properly packaged! It was packed into a flimsy plastic wrapping - no cardboard protection. Consequently the book ends and dust jacket edges have been rather bashed, which I have to say is very disappointing. Why not use cardboard??

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