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For me, there has never been anything I enjoy more than perusing the shelves of a quiet, orderly, old fashioned book store. Peacefully searching until I had spotted just the right book was always the best way to spend an afternoon. I didn't want to hurry, or be interrupted; only to relax and enjoy. It was a way to escape from busy schedules, phone calls and demanding agendas. At JC's Books, we want you to feel this same pleasure. We believe the customer is number one. It is our desire to give you the best on-line shopping experience there is. Our aim is to bring you quality books at a good price; wrapped with care; and delivered quickly. Hopefully, it will be reminiscent of those days when the local bookstore was the best place to be.

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Posted September 21, 2019

Crisp caramel apples; changing, coloful, gently falling leaves; foggy mornings; brisk morning walks; boots, sweaters and scarves! And a time to slow down and READ!

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Posted by JC's Books on September 6, 2019

A time to remember. A time to honor. A time to embrace.