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Eve Janson

Eve Janson

Author and Publisher of ''The Jinn Within'' Series. Unique, perfectly printed, signed by me and, if you wish, dedicated. Also ''Letters from my Father'', ''Witch Clock - Kill the Priest'', ''The Witching Runes'', ''Files of Death - Let me Out'', ''The Presence'' and more...

This series has been created as the tool making you free and safe. Out of my Spiritual photos, series contains unknowing techniques cleaning your spirit, body, life, future and past and the fulfilling Prophecy. My Jinn.Within never failed. Following the politic of Alibris you can contact me /Seller/ so having ANY questions just do this. Eve

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Alibris seller since August 2020

The Confession of Jinn -

Posted October 8, 2020

'' On the  Ibd - Na’m -Salam the Red Sun came, from the North. Yankee was ready, he knew about, we didn’t. The traitor of all of us, one of few responsible for Yankee. We had no time to run....

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Is 'The Jinn Within - You and Us' better than...

Posted by Eve Janson on October 1, 2020

'The Heathens'? Well, hard to balance this matter. As you and you, I found what I have been sent for. *And now lock it down - *Sorry, Jinny??? -* Lock it down- * I did it - *No, while your name is on it, you didn't. Remove your name... -  *???? - *So, who will I stay and be in the after? * - If there is no river to flow, nobody, if there is no star to fall, nothing, if there is not the she inside, just the rubish of this universe. - *Accept? -* - It has been accepted. Erase the names, Eve, now...