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All of the negative comments for Alibris appear below:

negative comment by grace m on Nov 9, 2019

Book didn't arrive. No information given. Did not ship out in the required two days from order.

negative comment by Deborah V on Nov 6, 2019

It was not indicated on the description that this is a large book, about the size of a legal pad. The condition is very good, but I feel the dimensions of the book should be stated in the description.

negative comment by ChristopherJones on Oct 16, 2019

All corners, the spine and the top edge of this book were severely bumped and very unsightly. Yet the packaging was not damaged at all, indicating that the book must have been in a very sad state prior to dispatch. No way was it in "new" condition!

negative comment by Donald H on Sep 25, 2019

New book ordered and received a blemished dustjacket, directly from Alibris not a marketplace seller. Very poor service.

negative comment by AILEEN L on Sep 17, 2019

I haven?t received the book

negative comment by Joyce R on Sep 9, 2019

Horrible experience - too late for expected date and was a gift!

negative comment by ludwig on Sep 6, 2019

We regard seller as scammerselling. Book(-let) had missing some +20 pages, missing that were never copied resulting in loss very important info about this very important masterwork of Organbuilding. Very messy copying --carbon splotes everywhere.

negative comment by Allison D on Aug 1, 2019

The book is in new condition and was packaged well, but shipping took much longer than expected. I received an "order shipped" email on 7/22, with expected delivery 7/24. The item didn't actually ship until 7/26 but it did arrive the next day.

negative comment by El Marko on Jul 28, 2019

Seller went ahead and processed sales transaction despite my request to refund stating item ordered by mistake. This is the Alibris main company so shame on them! Mjh

negative comment by Lei J on May 22, 2019

Rained heavily on the day of delivery and the corner of the book was all wet and dirty from the cardboard.

negative comment by JOSE MAGRANER R on May 2, 2019


negative comment by Muriel S on Apr 11, 2019

i have not received this book (april 11) tho it was supposed to have arrived several days ago.

negative comment by Muriel S on Apr 11, 2019

i have not received this book (april 11) tho it was predicted to arrive over a week ago.

negative comment by Muriel S on Apr 11, 2019

i have not received the book (april 11) tho it was predicted to arrive a week ago.

negative comment by Elan G on Mar 21, 2019

1) Alibris sent me the wrong book-- memoirs of WILLIAM Herschel. I ordered the memoirs of CAROLINE Herschel, her brother. I had a feeling they would do this based on past experience. 2) No address for send on or inside box.

negative comment by Louis on Mar 20, 2019

Item purchased brand new but did not include the DVD that is supposed to come with it. The book also had a small tear in upper corner. I buy new items because I want good condition, and so I know I?ll get everything that?s supposed to come with it will.

negative comment by Jacquelyn R on Jan 25, 2019

This item was reported to have shipped on January 18, 2019. The item has not arrived as of today's date January 25, 2019. My payment has already been processed. I would like to either receive the item that I ordered or be reimbursed for all charges.

negative comment by Steve A on Jan 14, 2019

I am done with this seller and this site. Very deceptive.

negative comment by Steve A on Jan 14, 2019

Garbage. Does not fit the description. Stole from me.

negative comment by Steve A on Jan 14, 2019

Seller got my money ONCE. I will not trade with this seller again.

negative comment by Steve A on Jan 14, 2019

Extremely dissatisfied with what I got from the description the seller provided.

negative comment by Steve A on Jan 14, 2019

Book does NOT fit the description. Very deceptive. BUYER BEWARE!!! You are NOT getting what the seller describes!!!!!

negative comment by Hugh H on Dec 27, 2018

Don't but this expecting an actual dictionary. The item is not a dictionary as described but basically a 27 page booklet of corrections to a dictionary. Not a single definition. It also arrive 10 days later than the estimate. Very disappointed.

negative comment by Kevon H on Dec 23, 2018

I have not received this book in the mail. Expected date of arrival was Dec 19. It is already Dec 23 and no book in mail.

negative comment by Aurora H on Dec 22, 2018

The sellers customer service is pathetic. We asked them to change the address within 10 minutes of placing the order and they said not possible. The book wasn't even shipped for another 2 DAYS, DESPITE paying for 2 day delivery. Now it's lost.

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