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Composer Henry Jackman takes an obvious tack in the early and late parts of his score for the animated prequel to the Shrek series, Puss in Boots , featuring Spanish and other Latin elements for a movie with characters voiced by Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. "A Bad Kitty," the opening track, is a good example of this, as is the second, "One Leche," which recalls the spaghetti Western sound of Ennio Morricone with its echoed whistle and Spanish guitar. "Chasing Tail," meanwhile, boasts mariachi horns for a Mexican ...

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  1. A Bad Kitty
  2. One Leche
  3. Jack and Jill
  4. Holy Frijoles
  5. Chasing Tail
  6. Diablo Rojo
  7. Humpty Dumpty & Kitty Softpaws
  8. The Orphanage
  9. Honor and Justice
  10. That Fateful Night
  11. The Wagon Chase
  12. Team Effort
  13. Planting the Beans
  14. The Magic Beanstalk
  15. Castle in the Clouds
  16. Golden Goose of Legend
  17. Hanuman
  18. Confronting the Past
  19. I Was Always There
  20. Kitty-Cat Break-Out
  21. The Great Terror
  22. Farewell to San Ricardo
  23. The Puss Suite
  24. The Giant's Castle
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