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One of the reasons the Drive-By Truckers have matured into one of America's finest rock & roll bands is ambition; they're solid players and write great songs, but just as important, they take storytelling seriously, and when they make an album, they strive to do more than just serve up a bunch of new songs. Most DBT releases aren't specifically concept albums, but nearly all of them have a thematic consistency in which the individual songs cohere into a larger framework. With this in mind, it makes sense that the band would ...

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  1. Lookout Mountain
  2. Where the Devil Don't Stay
  3. Sink Hole
  4. Made Up English Oceans
  5. The Righteous Path
  6. Women Without Whiskey
  7. The Living Bubba
  8. Primer Coat
  9. Mercy Buckets
  10. Marry Me
  11. Tornadoes
  12. Sounds Better in the Song
  13. Used to Be a Cop
  14. Shit Shots Count
  15. Runaway Train
  16. A Ghost to Most
  17. Goode's Field Road
  18. Uncle Frank
  19. Putting People on the Moon
  20. First Air of Autumn
  21. Box of Spiders
  22. When the Pin Hits the Shell
  23. A World of Hurt
  24. Get Downtown
  25. Ronnie and Neil
  26. Gravity's Gone
  27. Pauline Hawkins
  28. Birthday Boy
  29. Girls Who Smoke
  30. Three Dimes Down
  31. Hell No, I Ain't Happy
  32. Shut Up and Get on the Plane
  33. Angels and Fuselage
  34. Zip City
  35. Grand Canyon
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