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Music played a pivotal role in Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's cult classic television series Freaks and Geeks, not only underscoring the emotions in each episode but capturing the show's early-'80s setting perfectly. There's a reason why the producers insisted on spending extra money on music licensing to ensure that the original soundtrack was on the DVD release -- stripping the Who's "I'm One" from the scene when Bill watches TV after school by himself or taking XTC's "No Language in Our Lungs" out of the scene where he's ...

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  1. Bad Reputation
  2. Geek Hallway
  3. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
  4. Lindsay's Theme
  5. Gettin' High
  6. Look Sharp!
  7. Clem's Theme
  8. No Language in Our Lungs
  9. Lindsay Disturbed Theme
  10. Bill Gets Funky (A.K.A. Spacefunk)
  11. USA Rock
  12. The Spirit of Radio
  13. Daniel's Theme
  14. I'm One
  15. Porno Music
  16. Neal's Lament
  17. The Groove Line
  18. Ken's Ode to Joy
  19. Come Sail Away
  20. End Title Theme
  21. Lady L
  22. I'm Eighteen
  23. Jesus Is Just Alright
  24. Up on Cripple Creek
  25. Dumb as a Crayon
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