The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History ()


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Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks' 2000-year-old man routine started in the early '50s as impromptu and improvised performances at parties, but the premise -- a very old, slightly grumpy man (Brooks) has had silly encounters with every person of note in history, and Reiner is eager to interview him about his recollections -- allowed the pair to take their mostly spontaneous dialogue in any direction they chose. Steve Allen convinced the duo to take the routine into the recording studio in 1960, and the resulting comedy album, 2000 ...

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  1. 2000 Year Old Man
  2. Fabiola
  3. The Astronaught
  4. In a Coffee House: The Depressed One/The Actor/The Painter/The Folksing
  5. The Peruvian
  6. The Psychiatrist
  7. 2000 and Six Month Man
  8. The Tax Expert
  9. Two Hour Old Baby
  10. The New Technique Psychiatric Society
  11. The Third Best Poet
  12. The Cannes Film Festival: Adolph Hartler/Frederico Fettucini/Tipp Skitt
  13. Dr. Felix Wheird
  14. 2000 and Two Year Old Man
  15. The L.M.N.O.P. Ad Agency
  16. Intro
  17. Will To Live
  18. Slow Growth
  19. Natural Foods
  20. Phil
  21. Asparagus
  22. Origin Of Words
  23. Great Inventions
  24. Strawberries
  25. Miracle Fruits
  26. The Greatest Invention
  27. Ancient Poetry
  28. The Fig Leaf
  29. Paul Revere
  30. Ma and Pa
  31. Jesus and the Apostles
  32. Generals
  33. Winston Churchill
  34. War of the Roses
  35. Dolly Madison
  36. Lord Byron
  37. 21,000 Doctors
  38. Jolson
  39. America's Economic Plight
  40. Hope for Mankind
  41. A Re-Pleasure to See You
  42. See Moses Run
  43. Diseases and the Plagues
  44. Pain
  45. Wives and Famous Women
  46. Parents
  47. First Place You Ever Lived
  48. Yarmulkes Galore and The Inquisition
  49. Computer Sex and Self Help
  50. Exercise and Infomercial
  51. Music
  52. Height and Plastic Surgery
  53. Seven Wonders of the World
  54. Famous People
  55. Pet Peeves and Words of Wisdom
  56. Ballantine Beer Radio Spots: Dick Cavett Interviews The 2500 Year Old B
  57. Bonus Materials
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