Com Defeito de Fabricacao (Fabrication Defect) ()


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A concept album by Brazilian experimentalist Tom Zé, 1998's Com Defecto de Fabricacao (Fabrication Defect) is strikingly akin to some early Funkadelic albums philosophically, although not at all musically. (The bold, cartoony graphics are more than a little like Funkadelic's early sleeves as well, come to think of it.) The album's overall theme is that creativity, art, love, and music are "defects" that those in charge (in Zé's case, the often-oppressive Brazilian government) would love to suppress, an idea that's not all ...

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  1. Defect 1: Gene
  2. Defect 2: Curiosidade
  3. Defect 3: Politicar
  4. Defect 4: Emerę
  5. Defect 5: Olho Do Lago
  6. Defect 6: Esteticar
  7. Defect 7: Dançar
  8. Defect 8: Onu, Arma Mortal
  9. Defect 9: Juventude Javali
  10. Defect 10: Cedotardar
  11. Defect 11: Tangolomango
  12. Defect 12: Valsar
  13. Defect 13: Burrice
  14. Defect 14: Xiquexique
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