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Cowboy Junkies have a sound, a vibe. There's no denying it. You can tell it's them within a few notes and each successive record seems to pick up right where the last one left off. Some, like The Trinity Sessions, are dark, moody, and mellow, like being coated in honey and draped in velvet. Others, take Pale Sun, Crescent Moon for example, seem downright energetic in comparison. Open is more in line with the first batch, though it has moments of near-enthusiastic revelry. With Alan Anton's plump (rather than phat) basslines ...

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  1. I Did It All for You
  2. Dragging Hooks (River Song Trilogy, Pt. 3)
  3. Bread and Wine
  4. Upon Still Waters
  5. Dark Hole Again
  6. Thousand Year Prayer
  7. I'm So Open
  8. Small Swift Birds
  9. Beneath the Gate
  10. Close My Eyes
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