Slaughterhouse Five ()

directed by George Roy Hill
featuring Michael Sacks, Ron Leibman, Eugene Roche, Sharon Gans, Valerie Perrine

Show Synopsis

"Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time." These opening words of Kurt Vonnegut's famous novel make an effective and short summary of a haunting, funny film. For the screen, director George Roy Hill faithfully renders Vonnegut's black anti-war comedy about Pilgrim (well played in a low key by Michael Sacks), who survives the horrendous 1945 fire bombing of Dresden then lives simultaneously in his past as a nave American POW and in the future as a well-cared-for zoo resident on the planet Tralfamadore (with zaftig Valerie ...


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Mar 27, 2010

The Traumatic Life Of Bill Pilgrim

TITLE: Slaughterhouse-five
GENRE: SciFi/metaphysics near term
CAST: Michael Sacks, Valerie Perrine, Eugene Roche and Ron Liebman
PLOT: This movie is about a character who moves back and forth in his life and as such, no real plot exists. But Vonnegut, who wrote the book the movie is based on, was an excellent story teller.and this is the story he told .The traumas of the protagonist in unravelled time are: a drowning event as a boy (his father threw him in a pool to force him to learn to swim) Getting separated from his troops in the Arden of WW-II, finding other US troops who end up wanting to kill him, being captured by the Germans, surviving the Dresden bombing of Feb 1945, almost being killed by the liberating Russians, getting experimental post war psyche testing, marrying a woman who's always promising to go on a diet, surviving a plane crash where all others died, Alien abduction and relocation to Trafalmadore and finally getting snipered by one of those US GI's from WW-II. There are two instances cited to give credence to his time travel contention: he knew the plane was going to crash and he knew where, when and how he was going to die.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9 of 10; the use of flashback to construct a story had been in Literature for some time but this is one of the first successful applications of the technique to a quality motion picture. The sets are tremendous, from pre-bomb Dresden to post bombed Dresden, to his habitat on Trafalmadore.
ADDED NOTES: Roche is quickly recognized from his future involvements in TV's Soap, All in The Family, Night Court and as the 'Ajax Man' of US advertising history

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