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For viewers looking to slim down while giving their metabolism a natural and permanent boost, hosts Ravi Singh and Ana Brett offer four, nineteen minute Kundalini Yoga workout routines and two meditations designed to optimize the glandular system, encourage emotional healing, and reduce problem areas while helping viewers truly live up to their ideal potential. In addition to being useful for viewers of all fitness levels, this comprehensive workout implements ancient fat-burning secrets that speed up the weight loss ...

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Mar 22, 2009

Yoga of simple moves and breath

In my recent quest to become a competent yogini, I stumbled across a long list of titles from Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. The type that these two yoga masters practice is called "kundalini," and it is very unlike the vinyasa yoga that I've been eagerly stumbling through as a beginner.
In "Fat Free Yoga: Lose Weight and Feel Great," Ravi and Ana utilize the "breath of fire," a rapid, even, forceful breath through the nose while holding poses. Their less static routines coordinate inhalations and exhalations with a series of simple, repeated moves that anyone can do, but that are extremely effective in warming the muscles and activating the metabolism. At first it seemed incredibly easy to just raise and lower my arms while breathing in and out, but after doing it rapidly 21 times, my arms were ready to fall off my trunk.
The DVD starts with a tune-in involving some chanting (just go with it and eventually you won't feel at all silly) and a breath exercise. Then there are 4 workouts of 19 minutes each:
1.Start your engines
2. Fight fire with fire
3. No-impact aerobics
4. Your life is in your own glands
At the end are two optional meditations, although meditation/shavasana is built into the end of each workout.
I am pretty much in love with this DVD. My posture has improved ten-fold and I feel wobbly and invigorated after completing the workouts. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It may seem bizarre at first, but it is definitely worth it.

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