The Adventures of Ford Fairlane ()

directed by Renny Harlin
featuring Andrew Dice Clay, Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley, Morris Day, Lauren Holly

Show Synopsis

Controversial and often offensive stand-up comedian Andrew Dice Clay made his debut as a feature film star in this crude comedy. Fairlane is a "rock and roll detective" who works in the music business, has an office on Sunset Boulevard, and drives a 1957 Ford, with clothing to match. He floats through the rock clubs of Hollywood, picking up women and clients, and soon stumbles into a case involving the death of a heavy metal singer, a corrupt music executive (Wayne Newton), the murder of a radio shock-jock (Gilbert ...

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Apr 1, 2010

What?! You Think Dis Is Reality?

TITLE: The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane
GENRE: Big Cast Comedy
CAST: Dice Clay, Lauren Holly, Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, Robert Englund, Gilbert Gottfried, Morris Day, Shiela E., Ton Loc, Vince Neil, Ed O'Neill and hundreds of beautiful Rock'n'Roll Fanettes
PLOT: The detective to the music industry, Ford Fairlane, is on what seems an endless chase. He finds one person only to discover it's a clue to a bigger case. Finds another clue and the case grows more. In the end he finds what he was looking for: Love.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9 of 10; If you can see past the crudeness of the diceman's stage persona, this is a riotous comedy (I mean, who could value a guitar above all else?) The costumes are beautiful, especially Clay's leathers. The props are to drool for (especially the Ford convertible/hardtop). The dialogue is, well, crude Clay throughout. The music is first rate.
DVD BONUS: Commentary dubbing of the Director Renny Harlin, A making of... fearurette, a Billy Idol Video, "Rock The Cradle Of Love", and a theatrical trailer.
ADDED NOTES: I think this movie would have been more kindly recieved if not for the occurrence of other incidents in Clay's career due to the type of comedy he persued. A shame because he is a remarkably good actor! And, Lauren Holly got her big movie star launched here.

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