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Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly, the impish impresarios of gross-out comedy, take their body function-inspired humor to new extremes in this mixture of live action and animation. Bill Murray stars as Frank, a zoo worker suffering from the effects of an unknown malady he contracted after eating an egg contaminated with simian saliva. Unknown to Frank, the inside of his body is actually a city (the City of Frank) teeming with cellular life, where the mysterious illness he's fighting is an invading enemy that must be ...

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Dec 19, 2017

Infectious Movie.

Chris Rock hams as a streetwise white blood cell cop Osmosis Jones alongside David Hyde Pierce, Brandy, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Murray, Chris Elliot and William Shatner to this layered cartoon/ live-action cop comedy of a white blood cell set to battle a deadly disease in the cityscape of a sloppy, widowed zookeeper- played by Bill Murray. Produced by the lowbrow creators of 'Dumb & Dumber', Bobby & Peter Farrelly, the movie is a unique gem.

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