Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man ()

directed by Lian Lunson
featuring Antony, Beth Orton, Jarvis Cocker, Julie Christensen

Show Synopsis

Leonard Cohen is widely regarded as one of the finest and most influential poets and songwriters of his generation, a writer whose artful mélange of love, eros, and despair has earned him a passionate international following and the respect and admiration of artists ranging from R.E.M. to Johnny Cash. In 2005, music producer Hal Wilner staged an all-star tribute concert in Australia in which a handful of major artists offered their interpretations of Cohen's songs, including Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Rufus ...


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Sep 10, 2009


Next to "The Essential Leonard Cohen" CD, this DVD is the most important thing to have for a good introduction to Cohen, an understanding of his life and work, and a celebration of his huge achievements as a songwriter. High points of the film are Rufus Wainwright singing "Everbody Knows," Nick Cave doing "I'm Your Man," Antony's impassioned rensdering of "If It Be Your Will," Rufus on "Hallelujah," and Leonard Cohen and U2 doing "Tower of Song" at the finale. The film itself could have been better--a little too much cutting into and away from the performances for documentary footage, so it's not quite a concert film and not quite a biographical documentary; but what holds it all together are the smiling eyes and tight little "happy at last" grin of Cohen, and his honesty and sense of humor about his life, his work, and his relentless encounter with song.

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