Billy Graham Presents: The Climb ()

directed by John Schmidt
featuring Jason Winston George, Ned Vaughn, Dabney Coleman, Clifton Davis, Kyli Santiago

Show Synopsis

An action-filled adventure drama with conservative Christian overtones, The Climb (2002) tells the story of Derrick Williams (Without a Trace's Jason George) and Michael Harris (Apollo 13's Ned Vaughn), two professional mountain climbers constantly at each other's throats. The men push their lives to the edge -- and test one another's endurance -- when they decide to scale one of the highest peaks in the Chilean Andes. Executive produced by Barry Werner (of Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures) and directed by John Schmidt ...

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Jul 12, 2009

Trials of faith

All through this movie these men were truly tested in one way or another. These are the mountains that each of us face in life. The Lord puts mountains in our paths to strenghten us.As they climb up this mountain they are given the ultimate test of faith. If they would keep there eyes on the creator and not the creation the trials would seem easy, but God didn't make us that way. He gave us the choice of free will. Thats what makes life so hard at times. The easiest way to put this is to remember the Egyptions when God released them from boundage they still continued to complain and fuss. Never truly appreciating what was right in front of them. Still today and in this movie and probably till the end of time we will keep complaining and worrying making things hard and drawn out instead of making it easy and just having faith that he is whom he says he is, The Great I Am. After all he created us.

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