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Based on the novel by Harold Robbins, this is the story of Loren Hardeman, Sr., a Midwestern automobile manufacturer (Lord Olivier) who pins his future on The Betsy, a "wonder car" named after his daughter (Kathleen Beller). The Betsy is designed to last practically forever, which doesn't rest well with the "planned obscolence" mindset of the auto industry. Flashbacks cover his career from his 40s to the present, when he is in his 90s. Hardeman, Sr. has a weak-willed son, Hardeman, Jr., (Robert Duvall) who is forced into ...

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Aug 1, 2010

One of my Top Ten Movies

I love this movie; it's one of my top 10 favourites. It's glitzy and it dazzles me, and it's just the kind of movie that gives me sweet dreams and one you'll love to cosy up with on a Saturday night. It's so very lavish and everything in this movie is just beautiful and huge!! Everything about this movie is on such a grand scale, everything is just so big and gorgeous, the mansion is again just gorgeous, the rooms are perfectly and beautifully decorated and the colours that are used are just dreamy, the flower arrangements are also huge and they sit atop huge fireplaces, this movie is just a feast for the eyes! (I found that I watched it again so that I could rewind and rewind just to feast on the sets!) For the most part, the movie stays pretty close to the storyline of the book, and the book was again a huge and wonderful read, (which I also suggest!) My husband also liked this movie, he liked the actors and the storyline, the cars, the racing and the bird's eye view of the auto industry, and one of his favourite actresses is Leslie Ann Downs. The flashbacks made me feel like I had slipped back in time, and oh I also just loved how Betsy got her man, the little swim she took... (She?s the same actress who played the little girl on Make Room for Daddy with Danny Thomas--I think?). Lawrence O is in my opinion, very sexy and magnetic and perfect for the part, he's very handsome and even though I had never seen him before in any other movie, whew, what a cutie he is, even for an older man! But I love Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. And yes, I totally agree with the viewer who said there was no chemistry between any of the actors and that Tommy Lee rushed through his lines like he was in a hurry to get to an audition for Coal Miner's Daughter (I had a good laugh at this!), but still he's young and cute and he does not disappoint. I love movies with good actors, pretty sets, lovely clothes, romance and happy endings and any movie that goes back in time or is a period piece, gets my vote every single time.

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