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FROM this time the nation seems to have been divided into two parties; the bishops and clergy, many of them foreigners, who applied themselves wholly to the study of the civil and canon laws, which now came to be inseparably interwoven with each other; and the nobility and laity, who adhered with equal pertinacity to the old common law; both of them reciprocally jealous of what they were unacquainted with, and neither of them perhaps allowing the opposite system that real merit which is abundantly to be found in each.

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Sep 17, 2009

World View - by who's Law

Should be mandatory reading for all uni students, & a reference manual for law.


Feb 25, 2009

A great read

After hearing so much about this work in law school, I bought a copy a few years ago - from Alibris. I started to read this work and found that much of it is still relavant today. I have even used this work in drafting judicial opinions for my employer- a Judge in New York City.
I would recommend this to any attorney or person who wishess to become a real scholar of the law.
I really like the two volume edition I bought here.

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