Anne Rice's Tale of the Body Thief


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The vampire Lestat, bestselling author Anne Rice's chilling creation, is a graphic novel adaptation of The Tale of the Body Thief, part of the bloodsoaked Vampire Chronicles. Immortalised on screen by Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire, Lestat is the decadent, corrupt night dweller with a craving for human blood and the ethics of a snake. Now, transformed into a Dark God, Lestat embarks on his most surreal journey into the heart of darkness, wherein he must confront his own cursed immortality and the ...

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Jan 24, 2013

Really good read...

This fourth edition to the Vampire Chronicles deals much less with the intriguing acts of vampirism than its prequels. But this chapter in the life of the Vampire Lestat is still a necessary edition. Lestat is finally given the opportunity to experience living as a human again. The most glorious moment in the book is when Rice made Lestat into a Christ figure; meaning, Lestat descended from his god-like vampire status to be reborn in the body of a human. I don't know if this was the writer's intention, but it was still beautiful, nonetheless. Also, Lestat's stuggle with the body thief seems much less important than his newfound appreciation for the Dark Trick.
Rice's style is as florid and lucid as ever, and the story never has a dull moment. The reader doesn't have to struggle with following three or four storylines, as was the case in "Queen of the Damned." No, in this book, Rice returns to that simple but oh-so charming and vivid style of "The Vampire Lestat," except the setting doesn't contain that hint of the otherworldly.

I only gave it four stars because of the whole body thief struggle. It was necessary for Lestat to have this experience, and I cannot see a better way for it to have happened, but the climax is no surprise. What happens is what is expected. But, the reader is rewarded with an unexpected cliffhanger final chapter that jumps up and knocks one in the jaw.

So, if you like Lestat and you like Anne Rice, pick this book up. It's very clever and simple, but surprises await you.

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