The Turner Diaries (2nd edition)


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A futuristic action-adventure novel, has been an underground bestseller for more than four decades. It chronicles a future America wracked by government oppression, revolutionary violence, and guerrilla war.

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Dec 22, 2008

There were parts of Turner Dairies that were scary because there is a very good chance of the government doiig the things that are written in them especially the gub control part. However the book was too racists and hateful in parts to be a really reading.


Jul 19, 2007

Turner Diaries

My one-star rating of The Turner Diaries probably stands in stark contrast to my position that I would recommend it to a friend. I would recommend it to a thinking friend, an individual who can tell the difference between good fiction and a racist rant offered under a sheltering pseudonym. Also, I would recommend reading it for the purpose of staying aware of the disturbed thinking of some Americans, too many who have achieved high academic status among us.

Macdonald, actually, William Luther Pierce III, acquired a PhD in physics from Rice University in 1955, and in an unusually short time attained a tenured position at Oregon State University as a professor of physics. He was on a fast track to developing his white separatist views by that time and soon after quit the university to further develop and advance his racist, separatist position.

Regarding the book, Pierce uses the sham of an assumed, recently discovered diary of a fictitious Earl Turner to expound Pierce?s racist views in largely narrative format. His writing style is flawed and typical of an amateur in the craft. Pierce is clearly insecure and unstudied in writing dialog, and has chosen the narration of the diary as a way to put forth his insidious and aberrant, racist views. I purchased the book as a means to explore my theory that too many high-achieving academics exist on the knife-edge of sanity. I came away with my theory intact, and, indeed, reinforced.

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