Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

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Focusing on successful marketing campaigns and undying urban legends, this book is written for anyone who strives to craft messages that are memorable and lasting.

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May 20, 2010

How to make them remember

An interesting survey of what it takes to make an idea "sticky" - as in 'not easily forgotten'. A must-read for anyone who needs to persuade others - especially school teachers. The brothers Heath make it interesting and provide many real-life examples.


Oct 2, 2008

The Heath brothers give readers a paradigm (SUCCESS) of qualities that make the messages, ideas, communications, campaigns you create useful and lasting. I find their concepts easy to remember and extremely useful in day-to-day communication. They clearly drink their own cool-aid, which in this instance is a good thing! Probably the most practical idea they put forth is "the curse of knowledge." I keep it in mind whenever I'm explaining a problem or concept to others, preparing a presentation or even forming questions in my mind when I'm trying to understand someone else. What "the curse" boils down to is that most of us deliver too much expertise in our communications and we get bogged down in details. If you can skillfully cut through that (to the core, so to speak) you and your audience will end up the better for it!


Jun 8, 2007

This book sticks

You will not forget this book which is about the many ways to get messages remembered by others. The book is well written by two brothers who are clearly educated and experienced in this topic. Topics include urban legends, creativity templates, and famous and infamous ad campaigns, The book includes a reference guide and notes that help make the information in the book memorable and usable. Clearly the writers took their own advice and people from many backgrounds should find this book intersting and valuable.

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