Call Me by Your Name


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The sudden and powerful attraction between a teenage boy and a summer guest at his parents' house on the Italian Riviera has a profound and lasting influence that will mark them both for a lifetime.

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Jun 21, 2020

A masterpiece

You ever read a book and realize that reading it once is just not enough? Well, this is that book. The writing flows so beautifully, the love story is painful, the longing is palpable. The love Elio and Oliver share feels surreal and magical, and makes us all long for that craving in our lives. I am in LOVE with this book and will treat it as one of my most precious treasures.


Jun 7, 2010

Pretentious Drama Queen

I hated this book. I found the story contrived and pretentious. Everyone is so brilliant and beautiful. We know this because the author tells us so. He doesn't allow the characters to reveal themselves thereby they come off as shallow. Also he uses too many questionable similes that run on forever. Many don't make sense, others are just dumb. Paragraphs and sentences are so long and boring you lose the train of thought. It was impossible to care about the main character Elio, because as he's telling us how much he adores and yearns for Oliver , he's getting it on with some chick. Is this supposed to show us how masculine and desirable he is? Probably. It doesn't work though. Elio comes off as a spoiled drama queen who gets what he deserves.


Apr 3, 2007

Masterful Writing Incredibly Sensitive

This writer has written a beautifully crafted and poignantly sensitve account of an adolescent coming of age love affair between two young men. They both, in time ,embrace more tradional lives with wives and children but the intensity of their love is conveyed to us with such feeling that any who have loved intensely or obsessively will relate to this novel. Aciman evokes time and place in such a manner as to capture us particularly if we have experienced something similar. Reading this without some choked up emotion or with a dry eye is hard to imagine.

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