Autobiography of a Yogi

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An autobiographical account of an early nineteenth-century yogi as he reaches self-realization, identification with his larger self, mankind, and union with his God.

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Kevin M

Jun 27, 2014


This is a very spiritual book, I enjoyed it! Would recommend it to anyone.


Mar 11, 2010

Great Read

If you are interested in learning more of the Metaphysical this is a great book for you.


Apr 6, 2007

Amazing Man

Paramahansa Yogananda has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. This book outlines the story of his incredible life. At a young age this man was possessed with the divine quest of realizing God within. He was guided there through the wisdom of his guru, Sri Yukteshwar (who wrote an amazing book linking the similarities of Hindu and Christian scripture - "The Holy Science), who foresaw the boy's important role in humanity and introduced him to the esoteric art of Kriya Yoga (as passed on through the Lahiri Mahasaya lineage).

This book is an absolute must-read for any spiritual aspirant. The events that take place in this book are nothing short of a miracle...a miracle that is very alive and well today, within us, waiting to be unleashed. Through reading these pages you gain a new-found respect for life and are filled with inspiration through the kind, wise words of this master.


Apr 1, 2007

Ageless reading

A stunning re-collection on a truly evolved being. Pramahansa Yogananda tells us of his life in detail, at times with a wonderful cheeky humour, and at times with such passion and surrender to the Divine. A must read for anyone who is seeking answers on a spiritual level.

Set in India, Pramahansa takes us back in time to the teachings of Yoga that are thousands of years old that are relevant today, and gives insight into a culture rich in Spirituallity.

A book that must be read over and over again as something different "jumps out" every time it is read.

Uplifting reading.

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