Egermeier's Bible Story Book (5th edition)


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Egermeier's Bible Story Book has sold nearly three million copies and continues to be America's favorite Bible story book. It has 312 stories that cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Younger children will sit spellbound as you read these stories to them. Older children who read for themselves will return to Egermeier's again and again as a trusted friend. Beauty and simplicity of style invites the meaning of the Bible into the child's heart and mind to become an active part of his life, and to never to be forgotten. ...

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May 16, 2014

Love the book and the service was fast! Very happy customer.


Aug 28, 2010

Absolutely the BEST!

This book is a MUST READ TOGETHER for every family--and any adult who has not read it should read it through--the original version from the 1920's before revision by Arleen Hall is the best! I was raised on this book from earliest years, and at age eight, I received my first copy which I cherish 59 years later, having read through it dozens of times, including out loud to hundreds of very appreciative public school elementary students. The author was my dearest friend, like my own grandmother. I drove over 1000 miles from Florida to Oklahoma to visit her in 1967. We wrote each other over 160 letters, and she would send notes/autographs to my "children" at school. In the 1990's, after her promotion to glory at about age 97, her book was translated into Russian and distributed inside the disintegrating U.S.S.R. (a land with which I would soon become familiar in a couple years' total residence there, unrelated) by the Egermeier Project, which placed the Russian-language copies among school children and army troops. (I'm still trying to locate one Russian copy for a specific child I have in mind, having long ago given my copies away while there.) This Egermeier Project was the ministry started by a Baptist pastor who as a boy received the book which changed his life. The book has been praised by Mrs. Billy Graham. There is no denominational emphasis: totally biblical and sound. My favorites are Miss Egermeier's little poems which preface some of the stories in the original version. She never married and never received any financial benefits from the sales. This was a true saint!
My father also gifted me at that young age with another book in paperback that also is a MUST READ for children and adults. It is called LITTLE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS by Helen L. Taylor. It was available from Moody Press, perhaps still is. This beautiful re-telling of the Bunyan classic, with the language and characters adapted for children in today's English, is superb! My "children" loved the stories, and I composed a play in which they acted out the characters very cleverly. These two books every family should have and read today...don't miss these wonderful treasures!


Sep 27, 2007

Great for Children

Very good reading for children. Very concise and very accurate. Right in line with the Bible.

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