The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring


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From the #1 bestselling author of "The Hot Zone" comes an amazing account of scientific and spiritual passion for the tallest trees in the world, the startling biosystem of the canopy, and those who are committed to the preservation of this astonishing and largely unknown world.

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Ann A

Dec 2, 2011

Come meet our Giants!

Don't miss this story about the wild trees in California, Australia, and other locations plus the people who are dedicated to climbing, measuring these gigantic trees and trying to save the ones that are left. These "old growth" wonders are our ancient inheritances from Mother Earth.
Find out about the the canopies where one, using ropes, can walk, sleep or just marvel about what is growing and living up that high.
Become acquainted with the folks who are devoted this life.
Many drawings in the book help us to understand the huge sizes that are being dealt with here and how small the persons are who study and climb them.
Hear the history of this art and become acquainted with those who are concerned about saving the wild trees. My favorite climber sold silverware, door to door, to earn money for his future in climbing.
The author, after learning to climb into the canopies, has introduced his wife and children to the art of climbing. He has even taken his grandparents up to see a canopy or two.
The story is still ongoing and the author is now part of saving our giants!


Sep 4, 2008

Change of location

When I put this book down, I realized that I must go there and see these trees. When I got there I realized that I needed to move to northern California and be with these trees. During my brief first visit, I took a walk among these magnificent giants, the "Ents" I call them. And so I am moving to Eureka, CA. I am moving from San Diego to Eureka, from the "land of perfect weather" to a land where it rains a lot. Such is the gift of a book like "The Wild Trees" that I would make such a move.


Dec 27, 2007


Author's skill with words conveyed the passion of the tree climbers well, creating a "page turner," while at the same time educating me, the reader, and inspiring a desire to protect this mostly unexplored area of our world.

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