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Music From a Blue Well

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ISBN 0803233159
ISBN-13 9780803233157
Pages 238
Edition 1st ed
Publisher University of Nebraska Press
Published 1988
Language English
Alibris ID 14162650223

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Seller's Description

Lincoln. 1988. University Of Nebraska Press. 1st American Edition. Very Good in Slightly Worn Dustjacket. ISBN: 0803233159. Translated from the Norwegian by Bibbi Lee. hardcover. FROM THE PUBLISHER-‘Torborg Nedreaas gives the best description of a young girl's emotional and physical development that I know of. MUSIC FROM A BLUE WELL is well-written, emotionally powerful without approaching sentimentality, and thematically significant. '-Janet E. Rasmussen, Pacific Lutheran University. ‘MUSIC FROM A BLUE WELL is a compelling book wherein adult problems, decisions, actions are refracted through the lens of a child. Its strength is its delicate portrayal of the protagonist's inner state. in language that is both simple and lyrical. '-Marion Faber, Swarthmore College. As the rumble of World War I grows louder in Norway, a girl named Herdis trembles on the brink of adolescence. Home has been wrecked by divorce, and the world is collapsing around her. Amid the general turmoil she strains to hear another sound-the strange music rising from a forbidden well, echoing her own depths and evocative of her emerging artist's soul. This first English translation, by Bibbi Lee, of MUSIC FROM A BLUE WELL (Musik fra en bla bronn), originally published in Norway in 1960, will win wide posthumous praise for Torborg Nedreaas. The novel portrays Herdis struggling for her own truths about mind, heart, and body. Increasingly, she is affected by the undercurrents of conflict and ambiguities of behavior among the adults who surround her. As Herdis learns more about herself and her family, confusion becomes her companion. How many ways might she grow, and how would she know which to choose? To whom and to what does she owe allegiance, and why? Her problems of self-definition and self-worth are compounded by her artistic sensibility-for, so endowed, she cannot escape isolation, pain, and even mortal danger. inventory #10163.