They Speak with Other Tongues (40th Anniversary edition)

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A classic that has inspired millions of readers worldwide, They Speak with Other Tongues is the story of one man's encounter with the Holy Spirit. John Sherrill, a young reporter for Guideposts magazine, set out to gather information about a strange new occurrence happening all over the country. A skeptic when it came to speaking in tongues and the baptism with the Holy Spirit, Sherrill was determined to retain his objectivity while digging out the facts. What he found would change his life. As John Sherrill relates the ...

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Aug 7, 2014


There is more - there is more - there is so much more to this life we are living - John Sherrill found it - when he sought God - the gift is available to all - a life changing book -

L Joe G

Jun 24, 2011

Not for me

I had no idea who John Sherrill is, but after receiving this book, I could not recommend this book to others. I really don't care for his style, nor how he expresses himself. He may be a real delight to some, but not for me.

Sandra M

Jan 20, 2011

Great book!

Great book for anyone confused about speaking in tongues.


Nov 1, 2007


A classic. Best book on the subject for decades. A skeptic discovers the truth. Winsome and engaging, an easy read.


Apr 4, 2007

Excellent Source to Get ALL Your Questions answer

They Speak With Other Tongues is an absolute MUST READ for anyone seeking to know what this "Speaking in tongues" is all about. It contains historical and Biblical BACKGROUND. Written by JOHN SHERRILL in the early 1960s while woking for Guideposts magazine, it is the story of his research on this subject, crisscrossing many miles to research, record and test the reality of the subject and the people who claim to exercise this gift. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to anyone asking questions, or needing clarity on the subject. It is my favorite book to give to anyone who is seeking to understand and know if this experience is for them. If you read this book , you will find your answers, JUST LIKE THE AUTHOR FOUND HIS OWN ANSWERS.
It is the personal experiences that Mr. Sherrill records for the reader that keep you reading and wanting to see what happened next that make this book so interesting and hard to put down, no matter what your own personal opinions are on the subject matter.

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