The South Beach Diet


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Leading cardiologist Dr Arthur Agatston originally tailored this diet for his patients to improve the state of their heart, and of course their general health as well. But, almost by mistake, they began to lose weight too. News of this fantastic regime spread like wildfire throughout Florida and soon his office was inundated with requests for the diet. Developed with the help of a professional nutritionist, Dr Agatston's diet provides you with easy-to-follow eating plans and recipes to keep you firmly on track. The ...

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Susan S

Feb 27, 2014

this works

I like the plan and the book, I have used it before, got a new copy for a friend.


May 3, 2012

Healthy Living: Learn How!

This book is not about stereotypical dieting. I have always been critical of diets - especially something as silly-sounding as the "South Beach" diet - but the South Beach "Diet" is really just a way of living healthy - which EVERYONE needs. Dr. Agatston's plan enables those who truly need to lose larger amounts of weight to do so more quickly (my husband lost 15 pounds in the first two weeks), but also enables someone at a healthy weight to improve internal health by stabilizing his/her metabolic rate and reducing cravings (this was true for me!). This method continues to change lives via its guidelines for eating after the first and second "phases." You must follow the steps completely though!!


Oct 23, 2008

A real LOSER!

As far as diets go, this one actually works. In the first week I lost 6lbs. Within 3 weeks I was down by 14lbs. The problems I've experienced have been my own lack of following the diet! All in all, I recommend this book.



Sep 13, 2007

Southbeach Diet

I enjoyed reading this book because I am always looking for interesting and healthy foods to try. I thought I was eating right, but was getting too heavy for my own comfort and health. I was hurting alot with arthritis and plantar fasciitis. I decided to try Dr. Agatston's diet. It sounded healthy and easy to do. I have to be careful of diets because I have diabetes and take medicines for heart disease, etc. Dr. Agatston's diet was originally designed with his heart and diabetes patients in mind. In the last two months I have lost 20 pounds safely. I feel much better and am not hungry all the time. I plan to lose 30 to 40 more pounds over the next 6 months to reach and then maintain a healthy weight for my height and bone structure. This is a wonderful diet with logical explanations, guidance, delicious recipes and the healthy common sense way of eating and exercise for life!!


Jul 6, 2007

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

My husband and I have lost 10 pounds so far and are enjoying following the program.
Dr. Agatston is just as concerned about good health as he is in weight loss!! Phase One, for example, not only tells you exactly what to eat, but it also has some excellent recipes that are delicious! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had trouble losing weight on other diet plans.

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