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The bestselling author of "White Noise" and "Libra" has written a gloriously fused history of the past 50 years that offers a key to understanding American culture--our preoccupations and obsessions, our fears, hopes, our lives--and a chance to reexperience it.

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Dec 17, 2007

Deep But Very Still

Though Underworld is a deep book, it is a long, long slog. With over eight hundred pages, multiple POVs, a scrambled chronology, a legion of characters, celebrity cameos, several intertwined themes and very little real action, Mr. DeLillo makes his readers work for very little reward. The book is ambitious. There?s a lot to think about and discuss. It?s a portrait of America during the Cold War and exposes the thin veneer of normalcy that covers the terrifying reality of both society and individual?the underworld. Yes, I get it. An avid reader, it took me almost a month, however, to get through it. For those of us whose reading time is precious and crave at least a modicum of action and entertainment in our stories, Underworld will disappoint. This is a novel only an English professor can love.

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