The Third Option


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Mitch Rapp, the CIA's most lethal counterterrorism operative, is tapped to take out a terrorist when he falls prey to government forces with a hidden agenda. Dr. Irene Kennedy is named successor to the dying CIA director, but her detractors will resort to extreme measures to prevent her appointment. Rapp won't be the pawn of the Washington conspirators--and he'll stop at nothing to find out who set him up.

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Jul 19, 2010

Izzy Ismert

I didn't know that much about Vince Flynn novels until recently. So, I am not reading them in the order in which they were written. However, that doesn't change how much I am enjoying the fast paced, brain-teaser, plot-twisting stories. These are easy reads that don't overwhelm the reader, thus allowing the plot to engage the reader's imagination and a pretty cool mental movie is the result. I'm not sure these books have enough broad appeal to be made into movies...but my hunch is that if some studio rolls the dice on fictional Mitch Rapp, they will make a pile of non-fictional money. I'd go see it


May 27, 2010

Excellent Book

I have read every Vince Gill book I have been able to lay my hands on. Gripping--can hardly lay it down long enough to get my work done!


Dec 24, 2009

Third Option

Another good book! I don't know how Vince Flynn keeps the story interesting. But well worth reading.


Nov 8, 2008

CIA Black Ops/NYT Clueless

As always, Mitch Rapp kills the bad guys. No nightmares, no psychoanalysis and he wants no glory. The ultimate American for freedom believers.


Oct 19, 2008

Mitch Rapp Again!

Another intriguing suspenseful novel by Flynn; couldn't put it down!

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