The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology


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In his latest, thrilling foray into the future, a great inventor and futurist envisions an event--the "singularity"--in which technological change becomes so rapid and so profound that human bodies and brains will merge with machines.

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Nov 10, 2011

A must for students of biology

Book arrived in all most mint condition from seller. No highlighting or marks ever found.

Well written for anyone in continuous learning in liberal arts as well as biological studies.
Narrow-minded readers beware.


Jul 17, 2008

Fantastic Voyage to the Future

Do you find that the pace of life has increased but you just ascribe that to aging? Do you think that the computing revolution slowed down with the dot-com bubble bursting? Do you think the possiblities of solar energy being a significant source of power are far in the future? If you could see from history that all of these things have been growing at a steadily accelerating rate from recorded and paleolithic history would you acknowledge the possibility that at some time in the future technology will be able to marry the electronic and bological worlds?
Ray Kurzweil lays out the case that the "Singularity", the marriage of the electronic and biological worlds, is occuring now and will be a reality in the next two decades. Further, with this will come a further acceleration in the growth of human driven intelligence and exploitation of technology.
This is a bit of a technical read but a fascinating view of what the future will be.

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