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The Unicorn Expedition and Other Fantastic Tales of India

Unicorn Expedition (American edition)


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ISBN 0525245448
ISBN-13 9780525245445
Pages 190
Edition 1st ed
Publisher Dutton Books
Published 1987
Language English
Alibris ID 15013813841

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Seller's Description

New York. 1987. Dutton. 1st American Edition. Very Good in Slightly Wrinkled Dustjacket. ISBN: 0525245448. 190 pages. hardcover. Jacket design by Earl Tidwell. FROM THE PUBLISHER-Satyajit Ray created two very popular characters in Bengali children's literature—Feluda, a sleuth, and Professor Shonku, a scientist. He was a prominent writer of science fiction in Bengali or any Indian language for that matter. He also wrote short stories which were published as volumes of 12 stories, always with names playing on the word twelve (for example Aker pitthe dui, or literally ‘Two on top of one'). Ray's interest in puzzles and puns is reflected in his stories, Feluda often has to solve a puzzle to get to the bottom of a case. The Feluda stories are narrated by Topshe, his cousin, something of a Watson to Feluda's Holmes. The science fictions of Shonku are presented as a diary discovered after the scientist himself had mysteriously disappeared. Ray's short stories give full reign to his interest in the macabre, in suspense and other aspects that he avoided in film, making for an interesting psychological study. Most of his writings have now been translated into English, and are finding a new group of readers. Most of his screenplays have also been published in Bengali in the literary journal Eksan. Ray wrote his autobiography encompassing his childhood years, Jakhan Choto Chilam (1982) and essays on film: Our Films, Their Films (1976), along with Bishoy Chalachchitra (1976), Ekei Bole Shooting (1979). During the mid-1990s, Ray's film essays and an anthology of short stories were also published in the West. Our Films, Their Films is an anthology of film criticism by Ray. The book contains articles and personal journal excerpts. The book is presented in two sections—Ray first discusses Indian film, before turning his attention towards Hollywood and specific international filmmakers (Charlie Chaplin, Akira Kurosawa) and movements like Italian neorealism. His book Bishoy Chalachchitra was translated in 2006 as Speaking of Films, and contains a compact description of his philosophy of different aspects of the cinema. Ray also wrote a collection of nonsense verse named Today Bandha Ghorar Dim, which includes a translation of Lewis Carroll's ‘Jabberwocky‘. He also authored a collection of humorous stories of Mullah Nasiruddin in Bengali. Satyajit Ray designed four typefaces for roman script named Ray Roman, Ray Bizarre, Daphnis, and Holiday Script, apart from numerous Bengali ones for the Sandesh magazine. Ray Roman and Ray Bizarre won an international competition in 1971. In certain circles of Kolkata, Ray continued to be known as an eminent graphic designer, well into his film career. Ray illustrated all his books and designed covers for them, as well as creating all publicity material for his films. He also designed covers of several books by other authors. This collection of 11 short stories by the late great Indian director includes an introduction by Ray, a drawing by him on the frontispiece and a glossary. Stories include: Khagam, Big Bill, Ashamanja Babu's Dog, Night of the Indigo, The Duel. inventory #10100.