Black Cross


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When a young Atlanta physician attends the funeral of the grandparents who raised him, he is approached by a silver-haired rabbi who claims to have known his grandfather well. Returning together to the family home, they open his grandfather's safe. There they discover four mysterious objects - the relics of a man haunted by something he did one winter night in 1944 - an act that brought him unparalleled honors, but left wounds in his soul that would never heal. As the story of these secret souvenirs unfolds, the grandson's ...

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Mar 19, 2010


great reading and suspenful. I enjoy his books so much...


Apr 15, 2007

Great World War II Suspense

No better villians than the Nazis! This is one of the best World War II novels I've ever read. Characters fully fleshed out and the story moves along at a great pace. Author's first book Spandau Phoenix is also good, but this one is so much better. Highly recommended. Also recommended: The Eagle Has Landed, An Unlikely Spy and Wolf's Hour.


Apr 13, 2007

A true classic

I've read many renditions of WWII escapades but this particular book reigns supreme due to its immense story line and vivid intracacies of how an idea could possibly alter much of our history. Let your ponder on the eventualities if its true?


Apr 1, 2007

Absolutely outstanding!!

This is among the very best WW2 novels ever written, The story is intensely thrilling and you cannot put it down. The story is so believeable that you will be left unable to doubt that it happened just this way. The action, the emotion and the storyline will stay with you long after you've finished reading it. You'll spend time telling others, "You just HAVE to read this book."

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