Atlas Shrugged (35th Anniversary edition)


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Published in 1957, Atlas Shrugged was Ayn Rand's greatest achievement and last work of fiction. In this novel she dramatizes her unique philosophy through an intellectual mystery story that integrates ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, politics, economics, and sex. Set in a near-future U.S.A. whose economy is collapsing as a result of the mysterious disappearance of leading innovators and industrialists, this novel presents an astounding panorama of human life-from the productive genius who becomes a worthless ...

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Jun 9, 2016

Powerful even after all these years

I listened to the audio version but bought the 1957 book version for my daughter.
It's scary just how many parallels you can find in todays society. It's a good story with a powerful message that should be required reading, if not in high school at least in college. That it isn't, speaks volumes about our horrible schools &
universities. The story itself isn't finely crafted or expertly polished as some other writers of fiction that I have read but it serves as a framework for Ms. Rand to expound her theory and philosophy. There is a lot of it that could seem dated now some sixty years after its publication but that didn't bother me because of my age although todays younger generations might have a hard time imagining some of the importance or seriousness of the situations in the story.


Oct 7, 2014


This book, originally published in 1957, retains its relevance for the diagnosis of the ills of Western society in 2014, the poison of postmodernist nihilism, and beyond. It is a prelude to her solution of said problems, her philosophy of Objectivism. It should be read and understood by every thinking person in Western societies. Who is John Galt? It should be all of us!


Aug 15, 2013

Atlas Shrugged

I got interested in the book after seeing the two films. I am reading the entire book to compare the movie to the book. It is a long book, but I would recommend it to serious readers.

Ed K

May 9, 2013

Remarkable Book

This book should be required reading for everybody!! For a book published over half a century ago it it accurately reflects what is happening in this country today. The "1984" of our generation! Read it!!


Mar 28, 2013

Very Relevent

This story written in another era (the 50s) is so relevent to today it is almost frightening.
If you care about our freedom and what is happening to it you will be spellbound by this story.
I recommend this book to everyone who cares about our freedom/republic.

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