Total Control


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Following on the heels of his sensational New York Times bestseller debut novel, Absolute Power, Baldacci returns with an explosive tale of terror, deception, and one woman's battle for truth. Sidney Archer's life is turned upside-down when her husband is killed in a fiery plane crash. But as further details emerge, Sidney learns that not only does the FBI believe her husband was reponsible for the bombing that caused the crach, they believe he is still alive!

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Jan 15, 2009


Fast paced from first page. My heart in my throat throughout book. Didn't know who did it until very end. My heart went out to Sidney. Would love to know a man like Sawyer!


Dec 14, 2007

great read

as they say, "couldn't put it down"
More twists and turns than an ivy hanging on a brick building.
the technology about computers scared me, but I'm an old lady,
what do I know of all this "big brother"?
I think David Baldacci is an author displaying excellant craftmanship,
not only in his writing but also in this conundrum of a plot.


Apr 1, 2007


This is the most interesting book I've ever read. The plot is great and the characters are well-developed.

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