The Victory Garden Cookbook


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An incomparable variety of more than 800 enticing recipes, basic gardening information, shopping tips for nongardeners, preserving and serving hints in oversize format. The book has sold 250,000 copies to date. 300 color photographs.

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Norma Erickson

Nov 21, 2013

The Victory Garden Cookbook

This cookbook is an excellent resource for new gardeners because it teaches them how to cook the vegetables after they have grown them. There are many gardener tips for all.

The cookbook was marked used, but it appeared to be new. It also arrived within a week or so.


Jan 10, 2013

Outstanding Cookbook

Even if I didn't do a little gardening, I would still move this book to the front of my list. It contains recipes for nearly every vegetable there is. The recipes range from vegan to carnivorous, so there is something for everyone. Especially like not having to go to a gourmet shop for ingredients. And the ingredient lists are not a mile long. The instructions are clear and simple. The recipes are nutritious. The only thing that would make this better would be to have Marian Morash come ovwer and cook the meals herself!

Judy S

Aug 2, 2012

The ONLY Cookbook you should use for Vegetables

A Classic with all the basics for purchasing and preparing vegetables. From the how-to's for the simplest preparations to great tasting recipes for variety and enjoyment. An absolute must-have for anyone who loves Farmer's Markets and Vegetarians. But, for the time-pressed family cook this will give you all the help you will ever need to quickly turn those supermarket vegetables into food your family will enjoy. It is out of print but worth the search for a reasonably priced used copy. My all-time favorite gift.


Aug 6, 2009

I love this cookbook!

My original copy of this book lost its cover and started to fall apart (I've had it for years), so I had to buy a new one. If my house were on fire and I could save only one cookbook, this would be it. My only criticism - my older copy has a sewn binding while the new version is glued. Wonderful recipes and great information. My favorite recipes are the Lime Chiffon Sweet Potato Pie - not too sweet and the lime adds a great flavor dimension - and the Baked Okra and Ground Beef Casserole - a Southern moussaka.


Apr 17, 2008

A Precious Treasure

I truly have enjoyed this book and cosider it a treasure. It is very detailed on how to cook each vegetable in an everyday way and also contains wonderful recipes to add variety. A dear friend of mine loaned me the book and told me some of her favorites in the book. I had to have it! She told me recently she had to get her book rebound because of the constant use. I expect to have lots of fun discovering vegetables.

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