Roses Are Red


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A brilliant criminal known only as the Mastermind orchestrates a series of bank robberies that are notable for their explosive violence when the demands are not met exactly. But before Detective Alex Cross gets near identifying a suspect, the Mastermind makes it his personal goal to take revenge on Cross's entire team, one person at a time--before coming after Cross himself.

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Oct 3, 2013

I have grown a little tired of the James Patterson Alex cross and Bennet characters.
Patterson goes off on too many tangents and takes away from the actual story.
Most of his books could be about 50 pages less and be more interesting.


Oct 31, 2011

Roses Are Red

James Patterson is an outstanding writer who knows how to create a lot of character depth and has the ability to make you empathize with the detective?s pain and misery. He makes his writings very descriptive that little movies play in your head and you can see what is happening. His books hold you till the very end and you will be begging for the next book. Even though I don?t know much about murder cases or bank robberies, it made me feel like I was the detective of the case and I had to deal with all of his problems.
This book is a page turning drama that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is the 6th book in the series of detective Alex Cross. His case in this book is to find the ?Mastermind.? He is responsible for the bank robberies and murders of employees and their families. When the instructions aren?t followed correctly, then that?s when people are killed. The cases lead to many suspicious people and at the end they think they found him but you will have to find out when you read the book.


Nov 5, 2009


this guy is great reading and quick,,,can finis h his books in one day


Feb 12, 2009

Good ole JP

I dare anyone who loves to read to read just one of James Pattersons books and not read them all,.....anybody???


Oct 18, 2008

Roses are Red

Roses are Red, another Alex Cross novel by James Patterson. This book holds your attention and you can't put it down until it is finished.

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