Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany


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Between Dignity and Despair draws on the extraordinary memoirs, diaries, interviews, and letters of Jewish women and men to give us the first intimate portrait of Jewish life in Nazi Germany. Kaplan tells the story of Jews in Germany not from the hindsight of the Holocaust, nor from the vantage of the persecutors, but from the bewildered and ambiguous perspective of Jews trying to navigate their daily lives in a world that was becoming more and more insane. Answering the charge that Jews should have left earlier, ...

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Aug 20, 2009


The book is fine, but don't you just hate it that every time you buy a book through Alibiris they send you these annoying e mails asking for reviews. I've told them and told them I am not interested in this but they keep sending those e mails anyhow.

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