A Countess Below Stairs


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After the Russian revolution, Russian countess Anna flees to England and takes a job as servant in the household of the Westerholme family. Desperate to keep her past a secret, Anna is nearly overwhelmed by her new duties--not to mention her instant attraction to Rupert, the handsome Earl of Westerholme.

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Melanie L

Jun 30, 2020

Don't be put off by the cheesy cover; this is the great Eva Ibbotson, and she's having fun with the upstairs-downstairs romance novel. Imagine Tolstoy's Natasha time-traveling to 1920s England, then mix in "Cold Comfort Farm." Very funny in some places, and truly romantic in others.

Maria R

Apr 6, 2013

Interesting and romantic

The Novel is a pleasant and historical romance describing in a realistic way the journey of a noble russian Countess who escapes to England, during the bolscevic revolution, with her family and finds herself working as a chamber-maid in a noble household and in which she finds love. Very interesting and well-written. Maria Rennard


Dec 17, 2008

rich and romantic

I will freely admit to being a hopelessly optimistic romantic. This and the other three young adult novels by Ibbotson fed right into the niche I'd created in my heart for Edwardian romances.
Now, in a less soupy way, this novel was a great deal of fun to read. I greatly enjoyed the play of all the characters off of one another. Oh, sure, some are rather stereotypical, even caricatured, but that's what makes it fun. Ibbotson guides the reader into this time and place with a deft touch, and somehow the extravagances, the drama, the color and spectacle of royal Russia fit themselves into the quiet English countryside.
A fabulous modern take on Cinderella.

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