A Hero of Our Time (Rev edition)

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A masterpiece of Russian prose, Lermontov's only novel was influential for many later 19th century authors, including Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Chekhov. Lermotov's hero, Pechorin, is a dangerous man, Byronic in his wasted gifts and his cynicism, and desperate for any kind of action that will stave off boredom. In five linked episodes, Lermontov builds up a portrait of a man caught in and expressing the sickness of his times.

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Apr 3, 2007

Hero of Our Time - FASCINATING

I chose this book, ?Hero of Our Time?, in the first place because I am a teacher in Latvia (Europe) and am teaching literature. I needed a book that was translated to English from its original language (this one was originally written in Russian). It has been on my list now for three years and each year a new group of students read it. Each year I see more than the year before, through the students? eyes. The students are interested in the style it is written in and the characters fascinated them to no ends. It has kept them in its grip all the way through. I had them write journals each time we read it and I could see how much they were enjoying it and how it made them think about the word Hero as represented by the author, Lermontov.

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