Something Blue


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Thirty years old, successful and stunning, Darcy Rhone used to think that 'being down and out' meant not finding a size four at the Barney's Warehouse Sale. Now she is pregnant, unmarried and recovering from a broken engagement to Dex and the betrayal of her ex-best friend Rachel, who stole Dex's affections. For the first time in her life, she is completely alone. Frantically casting around for help, she calls upon Ethan, an old high school friend, and convinces him to let her stay with him in London for a few weeks to ...

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May 21, 2009

Didn't win me over

I liked how the book retold a story from another point of view. I should have read Something Borrowed to get the full effect. The main character makes a transformation with little leading up to it. Hard to believe that it would happen. Not one of my favorites - sorry!!


Sep 3, 2008

Darcy Speaks!!

This is the story from Darcy Rhone?s perspective, the friend wronged in Emily Giffin?s previous novel, ?Something Borrowed?. The last time readers heard from Darcy, she had just found out that her closest childhood friend Rachel had stolen her fiancé, Dexter ? she actually catches him hiding out in Rachel?s closet. She swears that she will never forgive them and storms off, making sure to spread the sorry tale to anyone who?ll listen, including Rachel?s doorman and her own taxi driver, as she leaves the scene. Darcy?s done some wrong too, as we learn that she?s been having an affair with one of Dex?s groomsmen, Marcus; and that she?s just found out that she?s pregnant with Marcus? baby. ?Something Blue? picks up right from there.

We learn that from babyhood, Darcy considers herself ?charmed? and that she expects her life to turn out just like a fairy tale, because she deserves it since she was ?born beautiful?. We get to see how hurt Darcy is as she goes about cancelling her wedding plans, only weeks before it was to take place and how she tries her best to make it work with Marcus. The only constant is her unmistakable sadness in that she no longer has the people that she would run to first whenever she had problems ? Rachel and Dex. She?s also obsessed with their relationship. She can?t stop wondering if there still together and how long it?s going to take for them to come running to her full of regrets and apologies. Before long, life in NYC becomes more than she can bear and she packs up and makes her way to London to visit Ethan, another childhood friend from Indiana. Once there she inconveniences him as much as possible, spends her time shopping for clothing that?s not going to fit her growing belly much longer and dreams that her fairy tale Prince will come and sweep her up along with all of her problems.

Along the way, Darcy starts to learn some lessons from the shallow existence she?s led thus far and with some much needed advice from Ethan, she begins a new start. She?s decided to stay in the UK for a while and begins looking for a meaningful job and makes some new friends. She even begins to take her impending motherhood more seriously. Despite the tragic story line, Emily Giffen delivers humor and fresh wit at every turn. We wind along with Darcy as she honestly examines herself and her part in the downfall of her friendship and engagement. As she begins to develop into a more mature young woman, she meets Geoffrey, a handsome British doctor that just might be the ?Prince Charming? that she?s been looking for.

Eventually, she finds herself at a crossroads. Will she take the ?easier? way out and rely on one man to shoulder her new responsibilities or can she muster the strength to make a go of things on her own? What about the feelings that she begins to develop for someone else? The fun of this book is in watching Darcy weigh her options and begin to make decisions for her new family and not just all about herself. She even begins to view the ?Rachel & Dex? situation from a different perspective and finally sees the truth in her own actions with Marcus. This book leads to one conclusion and then stops and picks up again a few months later where we see exactly what Darcy?s choices have brought her. This was a good read and gives a satisfying end to any questions left after reading ?Something Borrowed?.


Sep 21, 2007


This is a great book that I've already recommended to all of my girlfriends. Honestly, I didn't go to the store to even buy a book. I picked it up at random, and by the time we were leaving, I had to take it home with me! The life of a beautiful and spoiled girl suddenly changes and she has to learn to deal with it and so many surprises along the way. You won't be able to put it down!

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