State of Fear


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In Paris, a young physicist performs an oceanographic experiment-then dies mysteriously after a romantic tryst with a beautiful stranger. In the jungles of Malaysia, powerful hypersonic cavitation technology-capable of toppling mountains with sound-is purchased by a private interest for an unspecified purpose. In Vancouver, a businessman leases a small research submarine for use in the waters of New Guinea. In Tokyo, in Los Angeles, in Antarctica, in the Solomon Islands, an intelligence agent races to put all of the pieces ...

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Richard L

Sep 30, 2014

Not politically correct

I enjoyed this book very much, a page turning thriller in the context of the global warming, climate change brouhaha. Crichton's facts are unimpeachable, except for a high pressure area causing a hurricane, which is a mistake both Al Gore and Bill Nye made also. If you don't think the eco-terrorists are a possibility, you haven't read "In A Dark Wood" by Alston Chase.


Jun 29, 2009

Disappointing Book

I have liked Michael Crichton's novels in the past but I cannot say the same for this one. I knew going in that the novel focused on the non-believers in global warming and that interested me as an avid environmentalist. However, the book is so geared towards global warming being a mythical phenomenon that it made it hard to read. It should have been more even-handed. Instead it came across as severely anti-environmentalist and anti-global warming. All environmental groups are suspect and up to no good.

In addition, one character was a supreme know-it-all and it drove me insane. Know-it-alls in literature or real life are nothing but annoying. Also, Crichton's opinions in the back of the book were unncessary, simply write the novel and leave your outright opinion out of it (although the know-it-all character seems to be Crichton).

Also, I felt the book was longer than necessary. The middle especially for me dragged on with scenes that lasted far too long.


Jan 1, 2009

Interesting and sometimes factual (when footnotes are provided) book about the other side of the global warming argument. While not completely against the "green" movement; the book presents ideas as to the industry that the movement has become.


Nov 13, 2008

worth the money

great book, i wish i could finish it in one sitting, work gets in the way.


Nov 10, 2008

Topnotch thriller

This is a truly great read. Opened my mind to the facts about global warming and I learned lots of things I wasn't aware of before reading this. Crichton backs up the plot with an extensive bibliography - just in case you want to check the facts yourself. I found the story had a slow start but built to a smashing climax. Sadly, Michael Crichton has moved on to The Big Library in The Sky. He'll be missed.

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