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The classic story is now adapted as a live-action film by Walden Media ("The Chronicles of Narnia") starring Dakota Fanning as Fern, and the voice of Julia Roberts as Charlotte, set for theatrical release on June 23, 2006. Illustrations.

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Karen Lee N

Sep 23, 2017

Classic Remembered

This title was a must for my grandchildren to read; what better place than Grandma's house. The once familiar story of Charlotte is not as popular though it's message is ageless. I recommend every grandparent spend time teading this classic to their grandchildren.

Barbara O

Jan 30, 2014


Memories of having the book read to our class by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Rush. Reading it again, with my husband this time, was no less enjoyable. Creative and touching. It is timeless and for all ages of readers. I would highly recommend it.


Dec 10, 2009

Perennial Classic

While reading this book with my children I understood it with travelled appreciation. There are episodes on nearly every page that demonstrate an alternative to one of the most pervasive afflictions of society in America today; incivility. The themes of loyalty, tolerance, selflessness, kindness, ... are between every page. It's a classic that every parent ought to read to their children.


Dec 31, 2007

Wondrous and Shining

The gift of E.B. White was unique and singular in the history of American letters. He was a writer who refuses to be simply charachterised as a "children's author". Certainly there are as many or more adults as children who read his books over and over again. As with all great myths, legnds and tales intended for children, there is a hidden depth which is the key to the enduring nature of these myths. This book, has certainly already entered the pantheon of the classsics. The charachters, Fern, the little girl who loved the pig Wilbur, The rat Tempeton, who experiences a change of heart, all contribute to the wonderful and imaginative world which the author so beautifully conjures - a rich world all to itself.
The greatness in this book lies in the ability of the author to make the ordinary extraordinary, and the strange and wierd commonplace and natural - like a pig talking to a spider. A true classic


Aug 11, 2007

A must-read for everybody

So much has been written in praise of this beloved story that I could not possibly add anything new. The deceptively simple tale of Wilbur the pig and the erudite spider who selflessly worked to keep him from becoming breakfast meat is known and loved by all who read it. E.B. White's beautiful, sinuous, poetic prose and Garth Williams' lovely line drawings complement each other perfectly - a great collaboration between author and illustrator. A children's story? Don't let that fool you, or keep you from glorying in this lovely book yourself. The story is as beautifully and robustly full of life as the seasons he lovingly describes, simultaneously simple and profound, as joyous and sad as the circle of life itself. Unforgettable. We, and our children, are fortunate to have this book.

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