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Originally released in Great Britain as Whisky Galore!, Tight Little Island is a comedy predicated on the notion that all Scotsmen are lushes. The tiny Scots Island of Todday suffers from a wartime whisky shortage. Luck of luck, a ship full of the precious liquid is wrecked on a reef. The islanders conspire to smuggle the whisky off the ship right under the noses of the pesky British revenue officials. Numerous clever comic complications occur before the happy ending--which, we are told by the narrator, was not so happy ...


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Jun 11, 2009

Also known as "Tight Little Island" (Hebrides)

Droll account of a Scottish island in the Outer Hebrides whose natives have been deprived of their whiskey (a staple) during World War II until a freighter with a cargo of whiskey capsizes on the rocky shore, telling of their "rescue" of the liquid treasure to save it from confiscation by British revenue officers. Great fun. Wonderful portrayals of Scots and Brits.

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